Professor Chen Daqin’s Research Team of FNU Make Significant Progress in the Research on Blue Perovskite Light-Emitting Diodes2022-04-12 FNU Was Invited to Attend the Signing Ceremony for Deepening Cooperation between Fujian Province and Ceará State2022-04-03 A List of 2022 Summer Online Exchange Programs 2022-03-24 Prof. Chen Daqin's Research Group Makes Significant Progress in the Research on Lanthanide Doped Lead-free Double Perovskites 2022-03-24 Researcher Lin Zhenghuan and Prof. Ling Qidan’s Team Make Significant Progress in the Research on Room-Temperature Phosphorescence of 0D Perovskites2022-03-10 Acting Deputy Consul of British Consulate General in Guangzhou Visits FNU2022-03-03 School of Geographical Sciences Undertakes the EU ERAMUS+ Programme SUFOGIS Winter Online Training Course 2022-02-28 Huang Zhen’s Research Group of College of Life Sciences Makes Significant Progress in the Research on the Genomics Mechanism of Chromosomal Rearrangements in Parrots2022-02-28 Associate Professor Yao Hurong and Professor Huang Zhigao’s Research Group Achieve Important Results in the Field of Cathodes for Na-ion Batteries2022-02-28 Professor Li Jianping Attends the 15th Forum of the World Association for Political Economy and Delivers a Keynote Speech2021-12-27 FNU Hosts 2021 Academic Annual Conference of Professional Committee of Engineering Psychology of China Psychological Society2021-12-27 2021 Chinese Mathematical Olympiad (Final) and the 37th National Secondary School Students Mathematics Winter Camp Opens at the Affiliated High School of FNU2021-12-27 The Fourth Maritime Silk Road Cup Translation (Interpretation) Competition Held in FNU2021-12-27 FNU Holds 2021 Board Meetings of Confucius Institutes2021-12-24